are tou ready for change?

Let’s face it, your current reality is just not cutting it for
you. You want More.
This is the time for reclamation. 
Calling back your power, your pleasure and re-lighting the fire that burns deep within you.
It’s easy to get lost in all that we’ve picked up, whether it’s trauma, parents, society, patriarchy, your shitty ex etc. These stories can worm their way so deep within you that you believe them to be your truth.
But I invite you to take a moment to imagine the reality that you desire,
The freedom you would feel
The turn on.
The trust in yourself.
I am here to hold the vision for you. To guide you through the unknown into the remembered. 

My mission is to facilitate a space for you to connect with your body and sexuality in a way you never thought was possible. 

I am here to be the most epic space-holder for your most vulnerable truths.

I’m here to help you unpack your way to pleasure. 

To sort through what actually serves you, and what no longer does.

 I will give you space to figure out your true desires, what’s blocking you from achieving them, and how you can get there.

You will leave our time together empowered with the tools you need to sustain your transformation for a lifetime. 

I am not here to give you superficial advice that feels good in the moment but quickly fades away as you resume your old way of life.

 I’m here to help you truly transform and implement lasting change in your life. 

It won’t always be pretty,

 but I want you to know that all of you is welcome here.

 That wisdom deep inside of your body will finally be accessible to you. 

I specialize in-

  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Going from body disconnection into embodiment
  • Changing your relationship to your vaginal numbness
  • Moving from physical pain to pleasure
  • Deepening and expanding orgasmic sensation
  • Recognizing the body as divinity
  • Deepening connection with the menstrual cycle
  • Embodying your unique sexual expression
  • Increasing libido
  • Navigating romantic relationships

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“Evelyn is honestly one of the most incredibly intuitive coaches."

From the moment that our session started I felt this deep presence from her that allowed me the feel safe enough to go deeply into my sub conscious. As someone that has suffered sexual abuse feeling safe In any sessions is imperative for me to truly open up. Evelyn’s space holding is second to none and I felt like her warmth and compassion was extremely soothing for my nervous system. 

"Evelyn was more that I could ever have envisioned."

The reason I signed up for coaching was one of my beautiful sisters showed me her instagram and when she offered her course it just spoke to me - I didn’t look into her offering very much, I just trusted that my intuition to work with them would serve me, and it definitely did. This may sound quite odd but none of the changes felt unexpected and that is a massive credit to Evelyn. 

"Evelyn is a wonderful coach who will meet and accept you wherever you are."

Working with Evelyn I experienced a shift into painless sex and tools for when I experience pain, getting in touch with my highest self and inner child regularly, regular orgasms, and learning to speak up for myself! I definitely didn't expect to find so much of myself here, but here she is. I think their somatic approach is one of my favorite parts--it's so impactful. I always felt safe and held in this space as well. If you're on the fence, take the leap off of it. 

"Evelyn, you truly changed my outlook on so many things and I will never be able to express how grateful I am to you."

Throughout my time with Evelyn, my own person outlook on my sexuality, my physical body, and on my trauma changed. Although I realized there is so much more I need to work on, I felt so good doing something to work towards my goals of being comfortable, happy with myself, and not telling my past define me. Evelyn was a big part of this process, always being a person to fall back on and tell every juicy secret to. 

We will have private coaching sessions for 90-120 minutes. These sessions are done through zoom. 

Sometimes little questions or problems will pop up throughout the week between sessions, I want you to feel fully supported at all times.

Support through email and telegram

These tools will be personalized to fit your desires. They are intended to be completed between sessions to sustain transformation. They will be easy to understand and not too time-consuming.

Blueprinting tools

Access to anything I launch during our time together

Every program, masterclass and product will be all yours.

3 months together

During our time together you will receive:

Together we will explore things like:

  • Connecting with the Primal Brain 
  • Breathwork
  • Neo-Tantric and Tao Based Energy Practices
  • Healing Mother/Father Wounds 
  • Healthy Emotional Expression of anger, fear, sadness, grief etc. 
  • Completing the Trauma Stress Cycle
  • Working with and Supporting the Inner Child
  • Addressing Limiting Belief Systems
  • Cultivating Safety in the Body and with Partners
  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Saying Yes to Pleasure
  • Holistic Sex Techniques
  • How to Sexually Thrive
  • Jade Egg Practices

And more…

Among other professional mentors I have studied under renowned sex coach Layla Martin and hold two certifications under her VITA coaching methodology. Through her comprehensive program I have been trained to be trauma-informed as well as taken inclusivity training. I want you to feel totally safe in my professional hands during our time together.

I have also worked with some of the best coaches in the industry in my own healing journey to fully embody the transformation I am excited to guide you through.

You deserve healing.

Healing is possible.

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payment plans available

pay in full- $2000 usd

Payment Options

coaching spots are currently full until 2024, you must submit an application to be placed on the waitlist!


Why not just go to a therapist?

I love therapy! In fact, I see a therapist every other week.

Coaching and therapy are similar in a lot of ways, and completely different in others.

When it comes to sexual healing specifically, I’ve seen and experienced that healing in a therapists office can only go so far. (I accomplished more in 4 months of working with a coach than I did in 7+ years of therapy).

Where therapy stops short is that trauma not only exists in your mind but it is also stored in the body, you cannot “think” your way out of it logically.

Therapy is in a clinical setting, focused on thinking and talking, with some somatic tools such as EMDR. I’d say 95% talk, 5% feel.

My coaching is focused on delving into identifying and moving through resistances together. The talking and thought processes are then amplified and integrated through somatic tools like breath work. I'd say 40% talk, 60% feel.

It’s also an intimate rather than clinical setting (the reason why I decided to become a coach instead of a psychologist), which helps make the personal discussions of sensitive topics feel safer to explore.

To me, coaching is a great holistic approach to sex. You are still getting those beneficial parts of therapy; room to talk, process and have those impactful logical insights; while also getting the critical catalysts to lasting transformation by allowing the new reality in your logical (neo cortex) mind to become truth in your body.

I’m gender non-conforming, will this be a safe space?

I went to a coach before and it didn’t feel super helpful. How is your coaching different?

I’m single, is this for me?

I’m in a relationship, is this for me?

Yes! The majority of my sexual healing journey took place while I was single. Being single is a great time to focus on…you! Our culture puts a lot of focus on the idea that sex and sexuality is always for another person, so the benefits of sexual healing can only be enjoyed once you have a partner(s).

But your pleasure and sexuality is always for you, whether you have a partner or not. Sexual healing runs so much deeper than having great sex with others (although that’s defiantly a benefit). 

Being so connected to your body and your truth is also a great way to attract a supportive partnership, if that’s something you desire.

Yes! I may offer relationship transformation coaching in the future but for now I am focused on coaching individuals.  

Our coaching will be focused on you, but the way you feel about yourself directly affects all of your relationships with others. 

We will work around tools that fit within the boundaries of your relationship, as well as tools for both you and your partner(s) to participate in if that is something you desire. 

Individuals in kinky and non-traditional relationships are ALWAYS welcome.

My deepest desire for all of my clients is that they feel safe, first and foremost. Transformation cannot happen if there isn’t total trust between client and coach. 

My coaching mission is to create spaces that are empowering for all. Each individual is unique and coaching will be tailored to them and what makes them feel most comfortable.

Your gender or lack-thereof will always be validated and celebrated. 

Every coach is so different, what feels so good for one person may not feel good for the other. 

If we’re a good client/coach match, my goal is for you to leave feeling big and juicy transformational shifts. 

I believe whole-heartedly in the methodology I use, and its ability to completely change lives. 

My approach is focused on you, I don’t go into sessions with an agenda. Rather, I follow your lead. With this approach, each session is tailored for the individual.

I also enjoy focusing on teaching practices for clients to follow between and outside of our sessions. These tools lay the foundation to keep the transformational ball rolling. 

You will leave our sessions knowing exactly what to do to continue your healing.

I'm ready!

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