Hey babe!

I'm Evelyn Sparks

When I began my sexual healing journey, I had very low expectations.

After experiencing repeated assault incidents beginning at age 14, I though that I had experienced all that sex was: disappointing at best, traumatic at worst.

My vagina was numb, my libido was non-existent and I felt so deeply disconnected from my body and sexuality.

my story

I dated manipulative partners, I craved validation and I was desperate to experience the joy and pleasure that I heard about from others.
My healing was slow, and I had many doubts along the way.

I would often catch myself thinking that I was just broken, that I was the one person who wouldn’t experience change, and that sex just wasn’t meant to be pleasurable for me.

The tools that ultimately transformed my entire life are the ones I will be lovingly sharing with you.

I have studied under renowned sex coach Layla Martin and completed her rigorous 2 year certification program as a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship coach.

Through her comprehensive program I have been trained to be trauma-informed as well as taken inclusivity training. I want you to feel totally safe in my professional hands during our time together.

You deserve healing. Healing is possible.

XO, Evelyn

Professional Training:
NACP Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach
Reiki Level One+Two Attunement
Bree Melanson’s Psychic Bootcamp
VITA™ Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach
VITA™ Certified Female Sexuality Coach

I make the best vanilla oatmilk matcha latte

I am obsessed with hallmark movies, christmas ones especially!

My partner and I have been full-time traveling for a year

2 baths a day might just be my norm… don’t tell on me please 

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