What Evelyn’s clients are saying

Evelyn’s clients have experienced:

Desiring sex with their partner for the first time in years.

Being able to process sexual trauma so they are no longer triggered when having sex or being touched by a partner.

And so much more…

Having pain free sex after years of vaginal pain.

Experiencing their first orgasm.

Finding desire and libido again while taking SSRI’s.

Pain free sex after years of vaginal pain.

Their first orgasm.

Finding desire and libido again while taking SSRI’s.

Desiring sex with their partner for the first time in years.

Being able to process sexual trauma so they are no longer triggered when having sex or being touched by a partner.

And so much more…

“The reason I signed up for coaching was one of my beautiful sisters showed me their instagram and when they offered their course it just spoke to me - I didn’t look into their offering very much, I just trusted that my intuition to work with them would serve me, and it definitely did. In terms of changes I experiencer, honestly I’m not much of an expectation kinda human. But what I got out of working with Evelyn was more that I could ever have envisioned. This may sound quite odd but none of the changes felt unexpected and that is a massive credit to Evelyn. She provides this beautiful container that allows you to evolve in your own unique but highly potent way and it all just seems like the authentic unfolding of you becoming more and more deeply yourself. If someone was on the fence about working with Evelyn I would say - it is everything you don’t know that you need but so deeply require. I now have so many beautiful tools to help me through the everyday as well as those big emotional times in my life and the changes that come along with working with Evelyn aren’t temporary - they’re forever.

My favorite part of working with Evelyn their beautiful warmth as a person. It was so easy to show up in complete vulnerability when I knew I was held in such a loving and safe container. Every session that I had with them felt like it was exactly the support I needed at that exact point in time.

Darling Evelyn, thank you! Thank you for holding space, for your flexibility and understanding of things that pop up in life, for the laughs and for just being there through all of the tears and triumphs. It truly was a magical roller coaster working with you and I have learned on such a deeper level to love myself, express myself and be with myself in all of the highs and lows of life. Working with you was truly a gift.”

“Evelyn holds such a gentle and safe space to be able to release any of the blocks that stop you achieving your goal. She is so skilled at asking questions that bring clarity and compassion and bring you closer to your goal. My favourite part about working with Evelyn is how compassionate and warm her space is. It really allowed me to feel safe to explore and get to the root of my blocks. I realised how much my body desired to just feel safe. This was so key in my healing and allowed me to give my body this safety. I felt my sexuality was my own, I feel so much safer and comfortable with my sexuality and my body.”

“I signed up for coaching with Evelyn because I had been following her for a few months on social media and loved her content. She expressed herself so rawly and spoke in a way that no many people do. So when she announced an opportunity to explore emotions one on one, I knew I wanted to explore it. It was such a great decision!!

Because of our time together I’m learning to sit in my emotions more. I notice small things. Such as what I like as a response to my emotional needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as telling my partner, “I need to feel sad right now”. When in the past I may have not sat in that emotion. I also understand and see the shadow emotions in a whole new way.

An unexpected shift I noticed was developing a relationship with both my goddess self and the shadow queen. I noticed that by truly allowing myself to be inside an emotion, I learn so much more. In one session, I went into shame. I’ve always learned to not feel it and step outside of it immediately (labeled as a negative or bad emotion). Yet, being able to step into it allowed me to explore more and find where the emotion started. I also transitioned out two minutes afterward. It doesn’t always take long but that time in it is so important.

I would recommend Evelyn because her training and her perspectives are grounded, skilled, and practiced. I really looked forward to my sessions with her and always left with profound wisdom and tools. Her presence feels like a gift. She’s a gift and what we need to really feel connected to ourselves, our bodies and emotions during a challenging time in our society.

My favorite thing about working with Evelyn was the way she validates and honors the emotions. The way she’s so thoughtful and mindful in her questions and how she moves through a session. It’s an experience you have to be in to really understand.

I can’t wait for more in the future.”

“Within moments of starting our session, it became clear what a powerful coach Evelyn is. She gently and lovingly brought me on a journey to the depths of my soul. Deeper than i’d been before. She helped me navigate a tricky relationship dynamic with such skillful care and intuition. Evelyn’s voice is like honey, it’s soothing to me soul. I’m so grateful to be her client.”

“Evelyns space holding is a beautiful balance of intuition/flow and thoughtful structure which made me feel incredibly safe. I am a powerfully emotional, soulful, spiritual, smart, accomplished woman. Not everyone can hold me at the level I need. Evelyn did. She amazes me.”

“Working with Evelyn felt comfortable and professional. She was composed and confident as I spoke of things that were intense and vulnerable for me. I would recommend her work to anyone who seeks a deeper relationship with themselves and intimacy in general, as she truly cares not only about her clients, but of the subject matter that is tender and juicy-all at the same time.”

“Evelyn is honestly one of the most incredibly intuitive coaches. From the moment that our session started I felt this deep presence from her that allowed me the feel safe enough to go deeply into my sub conscious. As someone that has suffered sexual abuse feeling safe In any sessions is imperative for me to truly open up. Evelyn’s space holding is second to none and I felt like her warmth and compassion was extremely soothing for my nervous system. I walked away from our sessions together feeling completing validated and totally transformed within my relationship with my sexuality. Not only did she help me see the parts of myself that I was rejecting but she guided me into nurturing these parts so that I could feel so much more pleasure. Evelyn’s coaching has completely transformed my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to deeply connect with their pleasure and create an empowered relationship with their emotions.”

“Throughout my time with Evelyn, my own person outlook on my sexuality, my physical body, and on my trauma changed. Although I realized there is so much more I need to work on, I felt so good doing something to work towards my goals of being comfortable, happy with myself, and not telling my past define me. Evelyn was a big part of this process, always being a person to fall back on and tell every juicy secret to. Just being able to open up in a safe space created a sense of safety within myself. Even my partner noticed my trust in him, and my own understanding of pleasure, shifting, growing, and expanding. I know that my journey to understand my pleasure and my trauma are just beginning, Evelyn has set me on the right path. I realized discomforts that I never acknowledged within myself––like my own discomfort with my body. Although sometimes unexpected, recognizing these discomforts (like being uncomfortable with my own sexual organs) allowed me to start accepting them, hearing them, and giving them space to dissolve. I recommend Evelyn because she is one of the most nonjudgmental and welcoming people I've met. I was able to tell her and trust her with things I've never told anyone before from the first session onwards. Evelyn is there to accommodate your comforts and needs, but also she will push you just outside of your comfort zone enough to awake recognition and change. I cannot recommend her enough. One of my favorite parts of working with Evelyn was how accommodating she was to my comfort during our sessions and her attention to asking for consent. Further, at the end of our session she always asked me about the positive parts about the session, and beyond that, my week. I'm always excited to tell her about the juicy, the normal, and the silly things that have happened to me. Evelyn, you truly changed my outlook on so many things and I will never be able to express how grateful I am to you. I have no critiques about your working methods, as everything was new, comfortable, and just what I needed. I am so thankful.”

“OMG Evelyn thanks so much for this entire journey, I’m serious. I stopped working with my therapist, not that it isn’t worth it, but I just feel like I am getting so much more out of our time together. My therapist was even like “wow your sex coach sounds so informed, and yes she’s right on about this and this and this etc.”
-text from a one on one client

“Working with Evelyn gave me a safe space to share things that were rooted so deeply in self shame. We did exercises that gave my body sensations I haven’t experienced in years, while also teaching myself to love and accept my mind and body for where it is now. Mine and Evelyn’s work together taught myself to give my body the love and attention it so deeply desired. I now have an understanding of how to give my body love + space with the capacity I have, and what feels right for me day by day. Their navigation, validation, and safe collective space gave me the understanding that these things which feel so shameful and alien, are experienced by so many others. I knew i wasn’t alone and that my body and experiences were valid, worthy, and capable of love and sensation. An unexpected shift was the desire to sit with my feelings. To celebrate them, and give them space. It’s taken me from a place of suppression, to a place of full expression and an eagerness to know my body and my emotions. It’s given me new self love practices that can be so unbelievably simple, and also some which are more complex and dive deep. It’s like I’m excited to know my body, and give her loving space to express no matter what she feels such as sadness, rage, turn on, happiness, playfulness and more. It’s all celebration, even when it’s uncomfortable or challenging, the work is rewarding. I would recommend Evelyn because they are relatable, safe, flexible and have helped me unpack things I felt I couldn’t navigate alone, while also teaching me how to start this journey independently. They’ve provided amazing resources and tools to take with me beyond our work together. I felt called to work with Evelyn, and I followed that feeling. It’s payed off in unimaginable ways. Our work was challenging, beautiful, juicy, fun and much more. They manage to be so professional, while also building a friendship with you. Our work was filled with laughter, tears, love, anger, movement, sound. It was raw and beautiful. I knew I could reach out any day or time and be given support. And I cannot stress enough how flexible our work was, they understand life is hard to navigate and things don’t always flow smoothly. So accommodating, and so powerful. My favorite part of working with Evelyn was the way they celebrated me and taught me to do the same. There were days where I didn’t know if I wanted to attend our appointment, and sometimes I wouldn’t, and that was okay for both of us. But any time I pushed past that feeling of avoidance, I left feeling so much better than before. Empowered, connected, celebrated, and loved. By myself and by Evelyn. Every single meeting was rewarding, and taught me new things about myself. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with and witness. Even through our virtual work, I felt completely fulfilled. We worked together to navigate through the bumps, and I’d say we kicked ass at it. I’m beyond thankful.”

“Working with Evelyn I experienced a shift into painless sex and tools for when I experience pain, getting in touch with my highest self and inner child regularly, regular orgasms, and learning to speak up for myself! I definitely didn't expect to find so much of myself here, but here she is. I think their somatic approach is one of my favorite parts--it's so impactful. I always felt safe and held in this space as well. If you're on the fence, take the leap off of it. Evelyn is a wonderful coach who will meet and accept you wherever you are. They'll equip you with the tools you need to get to where you WANT to be and challenge you in all the best ways.”
 - Emmi

“I am so thankful to have had this experience. I’ve been through therapy so many times and this is completely different from the rest! I can celebrate all of my feelings in the moment and let them run their course with no shame or guilt. Thank you SO much for changing my life and being such a kind and compassionate person! I am honored to have worked with you ”
- Tia

“Evelyn is a magical soul. You will not regret buckling up and allowing yourself to go on a journey with her. Whatever your apprehension about putting yourself first she will take down and allow you to see that you come first. She will guide you in whatever process you are going through by way of sexuality and sensuality…what could be better? I am allowing myself to take up more space in this world and not cave to make others comfortable. I am having amazing sex with a young buck and having a fucking great time doing it! So much love to you Evelyn!”
- Bronwen

“Everything Evelyn taught me is valuable. The meditations, practices and resources are what will continue to help me grow and heal past our time together! Evelyns professionalism in coaching and holding space for me was my favorite part of the coaching experience. I never felt pushed or uncomfortable in the sacred space she created for each call. Her flexibility ad adaptability to provide the most helpful sessions each week was amazing! Evelyn was a mentor during a time of so much change and transitioning for me. Each week was completely different from the next. I would have anxieties, fears and trauma come up and she was always able to support and guide me through them in our sessions. She did this so beautifully in a way I always felt held, the space I needed to be vulnerable and share my truths.”
- Cori