The virtual weekend retreat
December 9th + 10th


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So it's hard for you to cum...

You are SO not alone!

Majority of folks who reach out to me are struggling with climax in one way or another.
Maybe medication has made it near-impossible for you.
Maybe you can no problem on your own but with a partner it feels impossible.
 Maybe you can orgasm but the experience feels forced and less-than-pleasurable. 
Maybe you have no problems but a course named Climax just intruiged you so much you had to check it out!

No matter the reason, I'm so glad you're here.

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Introducing Climax

Climax is a virtual weekend retreat where we will spend 2 days totally shifting your relationship and ability to orgasm. 

Together, we will:

  • uncover your long-held beliefs about orgasm and how they are impacting you today

  • discover your blocks to pleasure and orgasmic bliss

  • re-wire your body and brains relationship to orgasm and pleasure

  • explore orgasmic sensation

  • feel empowered in your experience of pleasure 

One payment of
99$ USD

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99$ USD


join climax here

Climax- date and times

Climax will take place virtually on
December 9th+10th from 1-3:30 pm EST each day. Class time may go over if needed

Once you sign up you will receive emails with welcome information. Closer to the actual start you will receive the video link etc.

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